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In 1886 the 3rd Presbyterian Church was built under the leadership of Pastor Louis A. Craig his goal was to have a place of worship for Kansas City and ImageWestport to unite as one. In the 1800’s Kansas City and Westport was divided as two communities. There was a toll between two communities on Main St. as we know now 28th and Main St. The two communities each their own cemetery that became full so they decided to have one that would accommodate the two and to bring the two together and they named this place Union Hill.

In the late 1950’s the VFW purchased the building from the 3rd Presbyterian Church, as they needed a place for soldier’s that was coming homeWedding Receptions Kansas City from war to come together and fellowship with one other. In the 1980’s the Vietnam Veterans Support Foundation purchased the building from the VFW with the same goal’s to bring soldiers together after serving their country. They expanded this ideal as to bring together all people in fellowship. As the member’s in the VVSF started to age they sought out someone to carry on the mission, to bring people together.

And so The Masquerade story begins we are here to bring people together in Holy Matrimony. Our mission here is wedding, reception, banquets and private party we will continue to serve as a meeting place for all people.